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Wy is the real estate agent important:

  1. He knows the market

The agent knows exactly how to evaluate each area, proximity to the sea, type of house, quality of construction and maintenance. In addition to having a list of potential clients. Therefore, he will know to advise the owner what is the highest price, but at the same time realistic, according to all the above and the demands of the real estate market.

  1. He saves you time

An agent knows how to filter potential buyers. He knows who wants to have a look only and who is really interested in buying. He also knows what the buyers are searching. And if the price is in line with the market and housing in good condition, it will be sold quickly and without problems. This could be between 3 and 6 months. The agent will always be available to show the house, even on Sunday or a holiday.

  1. He Reaches more people

It advertises on social networks and special portals, inside and outside the country. It is addressed to the potential buyer in several languages. He has contacts with other agents from the rest of Europe. He also has its own publicity tools, such as a web page, store showcase or fairs and exhibitions. He also usually collaborates with several agents in the area, which in turn have their own infrastructure and publicity. That multiplies the possibilities of sale.

  1. He Carry out the procedures

Having a professional and efficient support at the time of selling or buying gives a lot of tranquility and security. Everything related to taxes has to be up to date and well done. The procedures require timely and correct documentation issued. It is important to check the debt situation of each home. Even when asking for a mortgage, you will need information about the best banks and set the most beneficial conditions for the buyer.

  1. He knows how to negotiate

Relations between buyers and sellers are not always easy because they are from different countries, they are not present etc. Winning trust is paramount, know how to expose arguments and handle situations so that both are happy with the result.

  1. He works with professionals

If there is any issue of new works, urban defects, building extensions or undeclared works, the agent will advise the steps to follow. Even to recommend lawyers if you wish a power of attorney or any other important document.

Recommendations for selling real estate

The presentation of a property is very important. Many times a sale can be decided in a matter of minutes, and usually in the first minutes of seeing a house.

The criteria are closely linked to emotions “this house transmitts good waves or peace”, “has light”, “is harmonious”, “is cozy”, “invites you to live it”, “has spaces for children”, etc. 

That`s why it should be:
• clean and the things collected
• have a good smell
• be visited with daylight
• have personal items, as clothes or utensils, stored.
• not have broken objects or with bad appearance
• not be overloaded with furniture or decorative things
• have some plants, candles or decoration, that highlights the environment
• If there is a garden, it should be with good maintenance

Of course, we will contribute with our experience to improve the appearance of your home as much as possible. Because, by that way, we will get a better price and selling will be faster and easier.

Energy Efficiency Certification

In the transactions of property sales, the seller must deliver to the buyer the original of the energy efficiency certificate and, in cases of real estate rental, a copy of the energy efficiency certificate must be attached to the rental contract.

The energy efficiency certificate or energy certificate is mandatory for any owner who wishes to rent or sell a property (home, office or premises) before signing the sale or rental agreement.

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Home Staging

Home Staging

A facelift, a set-up, in short, a technique to speed up the sale and get the best price

The sale of second-hand homes has boosted spending on home reform. The budget has been increased by 5% to condition the houses before introducing them into the real estate market, according to the latest data.

In this process of conditioning, both individuals and real estate agents are committed to the technique of home staging. That is, make the most of the housing for sale through an improvement process or tuning.

The first impression counts a lot when buying a house. The properties for sale besides liking must stand out. In a growing market, standing out from the competition ensures selling the property faster and, in most cases, at a higher price. The home staging, technique imported from the United Areas, landed in our country coinciding with the economic crisis. This coincidence was not accidental. When there is a lot of housing offer, you have to present the product better. Now that the market has stabilized a little, home staging still makes sense to sell real estate more easily.

There are two rooms that are a key to attract the attention of the future buyer in the process of finding a home. According to the experts consulted, the kitchen and the bathroom area are the highlights. But the outdoor areas and the bedrooms are also important. According to experts, one of the main mistakes made when selling a home is to maintain its status. The furniture spoils with the passage of time and the decoration can add years to the house. The set-ups can be quick and cheap. For example, in the bathroom or kitchen through the use of enameled paint on the tiles or the adhesive wall covering imitating the mosaics. Or simply rejuvenating a sofa with a fabric and modern cushions to tone. Paint discolored walls, leave few furniture or even paint any of them, following the motto “less is more”, always appreciated.

We still have much to discover in this field. But we are learning with practice this creative and comforting task.

Legal and fiscal information to reside in Spain

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  • When you live more than 183 days in Spain.
  • When you work and have economic interests here.


  • All those people who have a property in Spain and are non residents.




  • The receipt of the ground tax (TOWNHALL-SUMA OFFICE)
  • Title deeds
  • The NIE number from the owner (if there are several owners, from all of them)


  • It is a local tax.
  • The amount is set by the city council.
  • The receipt will be sent by post to the house.
  • The payment is yearly.
  • The payment period is from SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER. Sometimes  until NOVEMBER, it depends from the Town Hall.
  • In the province of Alicante the receipt is sent by SUMA.
  • This receipt is necessary to calculate the amount for the non resident tax.


  • You can pay it all year round.

For example:The declaration from the year 2018 can be paid from 1st of Januray until the 31st of december 2019. Throughout the year 2019.

  • Non resident owners are required to have a tax representative .
  • For this reason, it is necessary to deliver the documents to an expert, who will verify what you are required to declare. He will be also the internediary between you and the Inland Revenue Office for any problem.
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1.- The person who purchases should retain a 3% from the price. This will be done with the form 211. There is a term of 1 month from the signature of title deeds on to pay and present the form.

2.- The person who sells the house must declare, if there is a benefit, with the form 212. There is a term of 4 months from the signature of title deeds on. Both forms, 212 and 211 must be presented together, to discount the retention. And so return the difference of money if the house were sold for the same first purchase price or less. If there is a profit, less or nothing is returned. In cases where the benefit is very high, you have to pay an additional amount to the 3 %. But that will be seen at the time. Because there are exceptions that do not pay this tax if they meet certain conditions.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY CERTIFICATE: According royal decree 235/2013

In the purchases of real estate, the seller must present to the buyer the original energy certification and, in the rentals of houses, this certificate must be attached to the rental contract.

Therefore, the energy certificate is mandatory for all owners who want to rent or sell their house before signing title deeds or rental contract.

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Anyone who is owner or lives in Spain need a NIE Number. Now we will see what it means and how, when, where we can get it.

What is the N.I.E.Number?

N.I.E. is an abbreviation for Foreigners Identity Number. 

The NIE Number is multifunctional and mandatory in Spain.

The NIE Number is permanent, personal and non transferable. The Nie serves people who are not Spanish Citizens for two things: as an identification number and at the same time as a fiscal number. (Tax Identification Number – NIF).

The NIE must always be indicated in any communication or writing to the Spanish authorities.

For example, you will need a NIE Number when you buy a house or a car, want to get a contract with the water, telephone or electricity company and have to pay taxes, especially in relation to the Inland Revenue Office. Without a NIE Number the Spanish tax authorities can not set or process annual tax payments such as property transfer tax at the moment of purchase or non resident tax later.

Who needs a NIE in Spain?

  • Any foreigner who lives in Spain will need a NIE Number for tax purposes.
  • Any Non Resident who purchases a property in Spain.
  • Anyone who wants to study, work or start a business in Spain.

When do you need a NIE Number during the purchase of a property? 

If you buy a property in Spain you will need a NIE Number at the latest when signing the purchase contract.  This notarial sales contract is called “escritura”.  

  • To obtain your NIE Number in time for the signature at the notary, you must book an appointment at the corresponding office. Usually there will be not short term available date possible. Request it as soon as possible.
  • If you wish to apply through the Spanish Consulate in your country, you must do so at least 3-4 weeks in advance, since the duration of the application is at least 10-14 days. 

The spanish NIE Number can be applied by three ways: 

  1. Personal apply alone in Spain or with intermediary/lawyer.
  2. Personal apply through a Spanish Consulate abroad.
  3. Apply through a representative with power of attorney in Spain.